Budget Day in Uk Today

Today the Tory chancellor of the exchequer , George Osbourne , will present his budget to parliament for Britains finances for the next year . My question is given the current state of the world economy is there anything an individual government , like ours in the UK , can do to change things? They have brought in many austerity changes which affect the poorest and most disadvantaged people in our society eg , the long term sick , single mothers and low paid workers but will any of this do anything other than please the international financiers who lend us the money to keep going ? We , in this country and most of the advanced economies , seem to delight in the plight of Greece but are we any different with our mountains of government and personal debts ?

I wont bother watching it on TV this year as it is so predicable and largely meaningless and we will know soon enough if we are affacted anyway , in fact we ALL will be in some way or another , from the 50p taxpayers to the people who rely on tax credits to gert by..  


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